Qualified Teams for World Series

The berth awarding process will be as follows:

Top two teams in every tournament will be awarded a berth no matter the number of teams participating. Berths will be handed down if top finishing teams already have been awarded a berth. At-large berths will be available to teams that have participated in a minimum of 3 USSSA events in the season prior to the World Series. The awarding of these berths will be done by the State Office.

All teams receiving a berth and planning to attend the World Series MUST participate in the State Tournament.

When a berth is awarded a team can choose to use the berth wherever they are age/division eligible. Teams can always play up. For example: a 12U registered team winning a berth in a local 14U event can go to the 12U World Series, 14U B World Series, 14U A World Series or any other higher age division. Just because they won the berth at 14U does not mean they must play 14U. All World Series entries are processed through the State Office and deadlines must be adhered to.